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pace (unit 3)

As for the doing technology part of IRLS675, I say bring it all on. The more the merrier I am. The more practical, the more delightful. Asked to comment on our technology assignments and the pace, compared to IRLS672 to some degree, so far it feels like perhaps 25% less pressure, or 25% less material to cover, (which in a sense is disappointing) but…

I lie because here’s my feeling about it: we’ve covered some pretty big pieces of technology. To get the hang of all that a LAMP server means could take very nice hours of practice and play every week since 672 ended in August. And now we add JHOVE and Drupal. Drupal…I took hours last night I guess you could call it playing, but it’s such a broad canvas that I might call it being distracted. We were given good, clear instruction to stick to the core, not the pretty, but even so…distractions. So I’m not sure if I spent too much or too little time.

Upshot: good pacing so far given other requirements. I always need more time, time, time, to read as the slowest reader on this planet. The more the reading integrates with the practical, applied work, the better. I like the two-track concept for this course, I think.

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